E-bike rental in Saas-Almagell near Saas-Fee

E-Biken bei Saas-Bee am Bergsee

E-bike rental directly at Hotel Olympia

A new way to explore Saas-Fee: by e-bike!

Saas-Almagell is located in the Swiss Alps near Saas-Fee. This region has a beautiful landscape with lush green meadows, glacial lakes and crystal clear waterfalls. It is an ideal destination for hikers, bikers and nature lovers who can enjoy the spectacular views on their walks or tours in the mountains.

Those who like things a little more adventurous rent an e-bike to explore the area. The Hotel Olympia in Saas-Almagell has its own e-bike rental service where guests can rent bikes for a day or longer periods of time, depending on their needs and preferences. This gives you plenty of time to explore the surrounding area on two wheels. You can start your tour at our hotel and explore the surroundings without having to take a car or bus.

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